Wednesday, January 7, 2015

P A N A N G  C U R R Y
W/ S H R I M P 

Today's temperature in chilly New England.. an icy 16° & for tonight -6°!! It's freakin' freezing in here, Mr. Bigglesworth! Thankfully though I have a warm & loving boyfriend with a ginormous beard to keep me warm as well as all the spicy, comforting foods!! 

FIIIIIINALLLY I got a chance to make something worth blogging about last night & I'm so happy about it! Life around the holidays (ps. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year guys!!) is so freaking busy & I seriously give all the props to bloggers that can keep up with it all. 

Tremendous, you bloggers.. are just so inspiring. This >> girl << even has two munchkins & keeps a blog that looks too good to be real! @__@

So not only did this curry turn out supremely good-looking but it seriously was the best tasting one I've made :) I used the veggies I had in my fridge & you can definitely do the same- that's kinda the best part about cooking! 

Also, you can totally sub the shrimpies out for tofu, salmon, or chicken if you'd like that better! 

Oh, also.. I'm super sad that there are no leftovers T____T ! Todd, my sexy hunk of man meat, has been beefing up & trying to gain weight to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger so he eats WAY more than before. Note to self: Double up the recipe & cook for a family of 8 if I want any leftovers!

So here it is! Cheers to my first post in 2015!!

1lb Shrimp- peeled & deveined (thawed if frozen)
8oz Coconut milk
2tbsp Curry paste (panang or red works!)
1tbsp Fish sauce
6 Garlic cloves minced
1/2 cup Chicken broth
Baby bok choy- chopped in half
2 cups cauliflower florets
1 cup peas (frozen is fine)
Thai chili peppers
Juice of 1 lime & extra for garnish
Cilantro for garnish
Oil for stir frying

1. Cook your rice! ;)
2. In a small pot boil water & add cauliflower. Cook until oh so tender (like 3-4 minutes) & drain them babies.
3. Heat up a wok or big pan with oil on low-medium heat. Add shrimp & garlic- stir fry for just 2 minutes on each side.

4. Once the shrimpies turn a little pink, add curry paste & stir fry some more. Start with 1tbsp since the paste is spicy! You can always add more spice later! *Mistake I made with my first thai curry- waaaay too much curry paste & I couldn't even eat it! :(

5. Add coconut milk, chicken broth (I made this with 1/2cup water & a teaspoon of Knorr chicken broth mix), witto baby bok choy, cauliflower, peas, half of the chopped cilantro, fish sauce & squeeze in the juice of one juicy ass lime.  Taste! *Add more curry paste and/or chili oil if you like the fuego! You picante thing you ;)

6. Simmer for a few minutes on medium heat to thin out the sauce & STIR IT UP! ^__^

7. Serve over steamed rice & garnish with the rest of your cilantro, a lime wedge & some thai peppers to bite on while nomming..ohhhhhh yeaaaaah!

Last night I used up the rest of the coconut milk & panang curry paste then added more broth to make a noodle soup. MMMM SO SOOOTHING!

Simple dimple! Hope you guys have a great week & if you're in the coldness like me- have some wine & stay warm!!  xo