Thursday, February 5, 2015


EGGGGIES!! Oh, you glorious little things. So many ways to cook you up.. so little time! I'm so freaking eggcited to share this recipe with you! Sooo many puns.. there isn't eggxactly much time either. Har har harr ;)

I've seen Scotch Eggs before on a menu at this little hip spot in Boston called > The Gallows <.. Their sexy, eclectic menu & pictures on instagram keep me drooling! Seriously, for decor: a ouija board wall?!! I would kill for a wall like that!

If you Google "Scotch Eggs" & look through the images you will be in TEARS. It's so sad because you'll see so many overcooked yolks!! This literally panged my heart so much to see! *Remedy the tears by searching "Runny Scotch Egg"! Woosah. 

In an effort to create a PERFECT runny egg nestled inside the sausage I boiled a little less than normal. I'd suggest you do this too! I mean, ugh.. dry, chalky yolk is just the fucking worst.. how groooosssss!!

This ball of meat & egg bliss was a little harder to make than I imagined. I think my mistake was using too much olive oil while sautéing my veggies. Also, I think the sausauge to egg ratio was off- I wanted to make more balls than I had enough meat for! Do you blame me?

So! Here is my corrected version so that you can make it mistake free like me! Get to it & do it to it! n____n  #eggporn

6 Organic Eggs
2 Packages of Sausage Meat
1 Finely diced Carrot
2 Scallions chopped thinly
1 tsp Minced Garlic
1 Cup Flour
1 Cup Breadcrumbs
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Vegetable or Canola Oil for Frying
Salt & Pepper

1. Preheat your oven to 400° **Instead of frying the scotch eggs for the entire time of cooking I did a 'half fry & half bake' method- this makes me psuedo healthy?!
2. Boil water in a pot & carefully add the 6 eggies to your water. Time for 5 MINUTES!!

3. While those guys are enjoying the hot tub.. sizzle up some olive oil in a pan *JUST A LITTLE DRIZZLE! Don't do like a spiral with 3-4 rings like I did.. just one swoop is good!
4Sautée your garlic, carrot & scallions until they just soften a little. Season with a little salt & a lotta pepper. 

5. Add to sausage meat & mix! Keep the pan hot~ we'll be frying with it soon!

6. BEEEEEP! The babies! Go ahead & peel them as perfectly as you humanly can! They are pretty soft & squishy because we undercooked them so be patient!

7. Divide the sausage mixture into 6 meatballs & prepare your flour & breadcrumbs. 
8. Warm up some canola oil into the pan (about a half inch) to have ready for frying!! I love frying..
9. Flour your hands. Take one meatball in your palm & flatten it out. Add your first victim! *Roll egg in flour before you add to your meat!! This helps it not slip around so much*

10. Wrap the sausage completely around the egg & squeeze to connect the meat while encasing the yumminess inside. 
11. Roll around in the flour & then roll in breadcrumbs. Feel free to pack it on!
12. Fry on as many sides as possible for a minute or two to brown the delicious little thing.
13. Once all the scotch eggs are all fried & browned up stick it in the oven to finish cooking~ just 3-4 minutes! Voila!

Slice nice & slowww.. I served these with a couple, little potato bread rolls for brunch... & duh sriracha on the side. So what are you waiting forrrrrr!!!