Saturday, April 25, 2015

G R E E N  T E A
M O C H I  C A K E

Blahhhh! Do you ever get into dumb funks? The ones where you just want to lay in bed all afternoon.. from the defeated feeling of not finding the kitten of your dreams after going to 4 different animal shelters in the morning!?!! Yeahh.. 

As I was laying there all pooped & depressed I remembered something that I've been wanting to make & boom! Instant motivation [: 

Super simple & super freaking amazing tasting. The rice flour gives the cake a chewiness (think boba!) that makes it really fun to eat. You can buy this at any asian market by the dried noodles.

I can't wait to share this for my friends & family. I actually made this before dinner so guess what? Life's too short, eat dessert first!

1 Cup Rice Flour
1 Cup Almond Milk
2 Cups Sugar
2 Eggs
2 Tbsp Butter
2 tsp Matcha Powder
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (Häagen-Dazs or Talenti!)

1. Preheat that lil oven of yours to 350º 
2. Throw that buttah in a small bowl & zap it quickly for a few seconds in the microwave. I did just 20 something seconds.
3. Mix together all ingredients until ultra smooth & velvety. Oohhh yeaaah.
4. Butter up your baking dish or use a baking spray to ensure no sticking!!
5. Pour the green tea cake batter into the dish & plop 'er in! Set the clock for 44 minutes.
6. Once baked, let cool for another couple of minutes. Be patient! 

Serve with vanilla ice cream (make sure to get the kind with vanilla bean specks!) & dust a little extra matcha powder on top.. mmmm yessssss ^_____^ 

Monday, April 6, 2015

 P O R T L A N D,  M E
W E E K E N D  R E C A P

Hey there internet! My bearded boyfriend Todd & I just got back home from another super satisfying trip up north. My oh my.. Why don't we live up there?! There are so many good breweries & restaurants!!

The result of such things mentioned above I've accumulated a handful of pretty pictures. I figured rather than be one of those people that overshare on Instagram I could use my blog to funnel (mmm..funnel cake) all my pictures into! 


We made a pitstop in Kittery & Portsmouth, NH (there isn't one in Maine silly!) & had lunch at this spot I've been dying to try for months now- Anju Noodle Bar. The weather was so freaking on point & sunny (it said rain aaaaall week) so we sat right by the window & oh right the food you ask?? JESUS!!! Everything was so so so good! 

Here are some of the pictures from Anju:

menu looking' mad yummy doe

pretty blooms

brussel sprouts holy moly..

asian styled mussels

tantanmen ramen mmm..

After an hour drive after lunch we finally made it to Portland! Instead of checking into our bed & breakfast right away though we drove 20-30 minutes north into Freeport, ME to check out Maine Beer Company! This has been on top of our to do list & we were so thrilled we went. 

We of course got "The ALL in" which was all 8 beers for $18. Todd did this by mistake but it was so great to see it all & drink it all (& be buzzed by it all/ feel it all)! Aside from the main picture I posted for this post here's what the tasting room looked like [:

simple & clean


The bed & breakfast that we stayed at in Portland was called Mercury Inn. When I was cruising around online in January (yes, this originally was supposed to be a Valentine's Day getaway but blizzards suck) for a place to call home for the weekend I instantly fell in love with the design of the place! Black & whites with pops of bright color, nautical pieces that give it coastal vibes, the FREE locally sourced breakfast! 

lounge area

the sunniest!

another cool sitting area

our crazy comfy bed

claw foot tub + octopus shower curtain <3

no closet, no problem

meep! slippers for everyone

the innkeepers provided [asian] snacks!

snuggles are the best

I have to say our first B&B experience was pretty neat! The innkeepers Tim & Jake were super friendly, plus they had Donnie Darko on DVD >.<  I wish I took a picture of breakfast but there was a fluffy mushroom frittata, cheddary grits, little scones, THE best yogurt & honey in little jars, freshly baked bread.. & it was all homemade! 

One of our ALL-TIME FAVORITE spots to go to in Portland is DUCKFAT! Seriously, if you EVER get a chance to get up there.. go. to. duckfat! We had to wait about 25 minutes- not bad considering we've waited over an hour before. 

wait = photoshooooot!

tulips were everywhere in the city

craft root beer with spearmint on tap!
(we were still pretty drunky pants from maine beer co.)

good god.. heaven in a bowl! the POUTINE

roast pork belly panini

homemade doughnut holes w/ sea salt caramel

I'd like to take a moment to talk about the teensy, tiny cup of caramel there. SO FUCKING AMAZING. Those doughnuts were so outrageously yummy Todd said he wouldn't have any but ended up eating them all WITH me.. & all of the caramel.. like he chugged the caramel. This then caused a big tummy ache, ha!

Pit stop at Urban Outfitters:

all the grumpy cats!

love letters to todd <3

We then made way to Novare Res. Things were pretty busy in here- there was a really good DJ & there was a tap takeover by Allagash.

james bean, yes please

blurry but i need that 'beer' sign

Day 2: Sunday Funday. After check out we headed over to the Portland Museum of Art. I saw there was a maritime exhibit visiting from New York & figured it'd be super fitting for us to go. Todd wore his red knit beanie the whole time #teamzissou 

how cool is this mirror?


1800s european inspired american sculpture 

american landscapes



description of the next two paintings!

during the battle..

& after the battle.

he's tall.

Sunday Brunch! We headed to Central Provisions after working up an appetite at the museum. I love how new places are adopting the open kitchen concept.. This was such a hip little spot with small plates.


kir royale & an oxbow ipa


yellowfin tuna crudo.. drool!

best hash brown & prettiest egg

We made one last stroll around Downtown & peeped into Bull Moose Records for some CDs &... **drum roll please!** GERALDI my baby Hedgehog! Here he is hanging out getting his caffeine fix at Bard Coffee.

the most precious

The very end of our weekend getaway was spent in Limerick, ME. We went to visit Todd's grandfather who just had a birthday. His uncle & aunt were also home which was nice- lots of catching up & kitty loving from their 3 cats. Plus, we also scored some venison! Woot! 


So there you have it.. my weekend recap! I'm currently looking for food inspiration.. we had a huge bowl of pho each on our homecoming. Aiiiiight til next time, guys!

Friday, April 3, 2015

 M I S O + U D O N

Ohhhh I did it.. I done freaking did it! I made up for every bad & nasty-tasting thing I've ever cooked in my life (sorta including the really tasty marinated yet non-cripsy skinned chicken thighs last night) with this!! YASSS SO MUCH YASS!! Good Friday indeed ^____^

This is a legit celebration, guys. Tomorrow Todd & I will be going up to Portland, ME for the weekend to indulge in a belated Valentine's Day (blizzards screw everything up) & early birthdayssss extravangaza! Yep, he's April 10th & I'm April 11th! ARIES UNITE. This will be the only time I can cook since there are so many good restaurants & breweries up there!!

I wanted so badly to put up a new post & I cannot explain to you how long I've waited to find the right thing to cook up & share.. so let's talk about this!

The story goes.. East meets West. East is super intrigued by all that West has to offer & wants to spice things up in West's life. The result- all the delicious fusion foodie noms! This dish in particular gives me so much goddamn belly coziness it's literally fucked.

Carbonara is an Italian delicacy with eggs, cheese, bacon & black pepper thrown over spaghetti.. traditionally of course. I stirred things up by using thick, oh-so loving udon noodles instead because hello.. CHEWY UDON NOODLES ARE EVERYTHING. The miso also adds an extra kick of salty goodness [:

I almost forgot to mention the ONSEN TAMAGO aka the most perfect & precious little egg that tops this!! I didn't poach or fry the baby.. I merely gave the eggie a long, hot water bath to achieve maximum silkiness.. SUPER AMAZING. Details below in the directions!

Without further adieu.. I give to you my Miso Udon Carbonara!

Package of Udon noodles
5 Organic/ Cage free eggs
2 Cups pancetta or diced bacon
1 Cup Grated Pecorino Cheese 
1 Cup Parmesan Cheese
1 Tbsp Miso Paste
1/4 Cup Almond milk or Water
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Fresh ground, black pepper
Togarashi/ Furikake

1. Start by boiling a pot of water. Once you see cray cray bubbles turn off the heat & add a cup of COLD water. Add 2 rinsed eggs & time for 11 minutes. Why 11? Because it's my favorite number & it works.
2. In a mixing bowl whisk together the remaining 3 eggs, cheeses, miso paste, milk & black pepper. The paste may take a bit to get smooth.. so work it!

3. Heat up a wok (or big pan) with olive oil & begin to cook the pancetta or bacon.. I used pancetta. Get it nice & CRISPY! ~8 minutes. Turn off the heat & set aside 2 tbsp for garnish.

4. Remove the two eggs when your kitchen timer beeps & turn the heat back on for the noodles. Cook until tender-- just like 2 minutes!

5. Drain the noodles & add them to the pancetta-ful wok & toss to coat with oily, fatty freaking goodness.
6. With the heat off stir in the egg/cheese mix & toss to coat the hot, hot noodles. We are using the heat off the freshly cooked udon to cook the eggs!

7. Carefully, I MEAN CAREFULLY plate on a nice dish (without dropping from excitement!) & top with reserved pancetta. *Make a little hole in the middle of your noodles.
8. Carefully.. again be CAREFUL & crack your onsen tamago with a knife peeling off the shell to reveal the custardy delight. You can leave a small opening & plop the egg out on top!
9. Garnish with the furikake & togarashi in the most artful manner.

10. Shake it like a polaroid picture & be full of extreme happiness!! You are about to eat the greatest, cheesiest, chewiest & creamiest/ dreamiest noodle dish ever.

here's a video of it shaking in slomo.. please forgive me for recording in the portrait style >.<