Tuesday, December 1, 2015

S P I C Y  K I M C H I
+ K I N G  C R A B  L E G S
w/ U D O N  N O O D L E S

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! I'm heavier & as always incredibly thankful for the family + friends I have around me. 

Todd & I hosted our 3rd Annual Friendsgiving this past Saturday & wow! So so damn heart warming to see everyone come together! We really have the best squad to call friends. Oh & charades was histerical- TEAM #2 RULES!!

recently very obsessed with eucalyptus! 

Side note: My Truffle Mac & Cheese was WIPED OUT!! That deserves a post in itself.. Let's just say a tiny $20 bottle of Black Truffle Oil does magic.

Back to this udon dish, though! 

When I was thinking of making this random concoction I had hopes of a dreamy, fiery, chewy masterpiece.. I have to say it was all of that & more! Udon noodles are so comforting that whatever you throw on it will still taste pretty damn heavenly.

The king crab legs were definitely the star of the show though. Since I had leftover masago or fish roe which is "seafood" I thought to stick with something from the ocean. 

While grocery shopping the other day I noticed that I literally could not take my eyes of the ginormous crab legs at the market. So I grabbed those suckers & voila! I made the richest udon dish ever. 

If crab isn't your thing I can't imagine this being horrible with shrimp or LOBSTER. Oh god. I think I will make this with lobster next..

2 bricks of frozen Udon Noodles
1lb King Crab Legs
1 Cup kimchi
3-4 tbsp Masago
2 tbsp Japanese Mayo
2 tbsp Chili Garlic Sriracha
Half a stick of butter


1. Prep your king crab legs! I thawed mine under cold water since they were frozen & saved a pretty piece for the garnish. Scoop out the rest of that meat!

2. Cut up your kimchi into small bite-sized pieces. This is just nice so there aren't colossal kimchi bites [;
3. Heat up a wok full of water & get a little boiling action going. Add your udon noodles & cook just for 2 minutes or until soft then drain.

4. Add butter & kimchi to that same wok (yay less dishes!) Sautée til warm!

5. Add the udon noodles back in along with japanese mayo, chili garlic sriracha, & masago. Stir around & get everything all sexy!

6. DUH. Let's add the king crab leg meat & scallions ^______^

7. Turn off the heat & when you think everything is all married up start to dish it out. Garnish with extra masago, scallions + the reserved king crab leg.

Mmm.. my mouth is phantom chewing this right now. Enjoy!

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