Friday, April 3, 2015

 M I S O + U D O N

Ohhhh I did it.. I done freaking did it! I made up for every bad & nasty-tasting thing I've ever cooked in my life (sorta including the really tasty marinated yet non-cripsy skinned chicken thighs last night) with this!! YASSS SO MUCH YASS!! Good Friday indeed ^____^

This is a legit celebration, guys. Tomorrow Todd & I will be going up to Portland, ME for the weekend to indulge in a belated Valentine's Day (blizzards screw everything up) & early birthdayssss extravangaza! Yep, he's April 10th & I'm April 11th! ARIES UNITE. This will be the only time I can cook since there are so many good restaurants & breweries up there!!

I wanted so badly to put up a new post & I cannot explain to you how long I've waited to find the right thing to cook up & share.. so let's talk about this!

The story goes.. East meets West. East is super intrigued by all that West has to offer & wants to spice things up in West's life. The result- all the delicious fusion foodie noms! This dish in particular gives me so much goddamn belly coziness it's literally fucked.

Carbonara is an Italian delicacy with eggs, cheese, bacon & black pepper thrown over spaghetti.. traditionally of course. I stirred things up by using thick, oh-so loving udon noodles instead because hello.. CHEWY UDON NOODLES ARE EVERYTHING. The miso also adds an extra kick of salty goodness [:

I almost forgot to mention the ONSEN TAMAGO aka the most perfect & precious little egg that tops this!! I didn't poach or fry the baby.. I merely gave the eggie a long, hot water bath to achieve maximum silkiness.. SUPER AMAZING. Details below in the directions!

Without further adieu.. I give to you my Miso Udon Carbonara!

Package of Udon noodles
5 Organic/ Cage free eggs
2 Cups pancetta or diced bacon
1 Cup Grated Pecorino Cheese 
1 Cup Parmesan Cheese
1 Tbsp Miso Paste
1/4 Cup Almond milk or Water
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Fresh ground, black pepper
Togarashi/ Furikake

1. Start by boiling a pot of water. Once you see cray cray bubbles turn off the heat & add a cup of COLD water. Add 2 rinsed eggs & time for 11 minutes. Why 11? Because it's my favorite number & it works.
2. In a mixing bowl whisk together the remaining 3 eggs, cheeses, miso paste, milk & black pepper. The paste may take a bit to get smooth.. so work it!

3. Heat up a wok (or big pan) with olive oil & begin to cook the pancetta or bacon.. I used pancetta. Get it nice & CRISPY! ~8 minutes. Turn off the heat & set aside 2 tbsp for garnish.

4. Remove the two eggs when your kitchen timer beeps & turn the heat back on for the noodles. Cook until tender-- just like 2 minutes!

5. Drain the noodles & add them to the pancetta-ful wok & toss to coat with oily, fatty freaking goodness.
6. With the heat off stir in the egg/cheese mix & toss to coat the hot, hot noodles. We are using the heat off the freshly cooked udon to cook the eggs!

7. Carefully, I MEAN CAREFULLY plate on a nice dish (without dropping from excitement!) & top with reserved pancetta. *Make a little hole in the middle of your noodles.
8. Carefully.. again be CAREFUL & crack your onsen tamago with a knife peeling off the shell to reveal the custardy delight. You can leave a small opening & plop the egg out on top!
9. Garnish with the furikake & togarashi in the most artful manner.

10. Shake it like a polaroid picture & be full of extreme happiness!! You are about to eat the greatest, cheesiest, chewiest & creamiest/ dreamiest noodle dish ever.

here's a video of it shaking in slomo.. please forgive me for recording in the portrait style >.<