Monday, December 8, 2014

+ R I B E Y E 

Best line ever? "Baby, I'm gonna buttah yo bread!!" Well, in this case, yo steaaaak! ;) ;) ;)  Ha! Seriously though.. can butter be anymore sexual?  The way it melts on a hot freshly baked roll, the creaminess.. the word BUTT in it. Mmm.. buttttt. Okay, I'm done being a little creep.

I haven't made any new exciting recipes/ foods lately. With this freaking cold weather I've been sticking to all my regulars: soups & ramen etc. 

I did though cook up a most rich & savory ribeye on the cast iron grill last night! 

The worthiness of this is due to that beautiful little ball of herby buttah goodness on top there. ERRRRBODUH LUHHZ HERB BUTTAH! You know you wanna keep saying that! 

Not only does it look sexy & naughty as fuck but it adds another flavor profile to your steak.  The herbs aren't seared so it tastes fresher. 

The directions are so maniacally easy I promise: add a scoop of herbs (I used my fav herbs de provence) and a scoop of butter (Kerrygold!!) & mix!  DAS IT!

There are of course so many different ways/ recipes to make this.  Add some cheese, garlic, fresh or dried herbs, seasoning, s&p- just play around!  Some recipes even call for melting the butter & mixing then transferring it back to the fridge to solidify back up.  

I was lazy & like instant gratification.. Mix & done :)

Alas, here are a few pictures I took last night for fun while cooking dinner..  

baby broccoli & black angus ribeye steaks!

truffle salt to go with my mershed perterterzz

mmm.. 3-min-on-each-side-ribeye-steak, i love you <3

I will try to post a real deal shaquille o'neal recipe soon.  Til then, keep warm everyone! If there are any suggestions for what I should cook up next please let me know :D 

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