Tuesday, November 14, 2017

R I C E  K R I S P I E S

Hello my sweet cheeks! I cannot believe it's already November 2017- not to mention yesterday it SNOWED for the first time! Life moves way too fast it's scary. That being said- it reminds me to make sure I spend my time doing what I love. What do I love to do? Well, besides snuggling my husband + kitty I also love to nap, cook/ eat, & also practice calligraphy! 

I've been super busy turning my passion for hand lettering into a more real-life hobby/ side thing & I can't explain how happy this has made me. I also have my first pop-up shop next month on December 21st! *If you're in the area please stop by J.Crew at the Rockingham Mall!

Side story: I always knew I loved the art of calligraphy & fonts/ pens/ markers/ stationary but it wasn't until my wedding that I realized how much I love it! So if you have Instagram & want to know more please follow my new page

Okay, so about these matcha rice krispies! GOD THEY ARE EASY TO MAKE! In all honesty I am only using this super easy recipe as an excuse to come back & say hello to you all :) Also, I freaking love matcha anything.

One box of Rice Krispies makes enough for TWO batches- so make sure to buy not one but TWO bags of mini marshmallows when at the market. Also, you can find matcha powder online like I did here.

1 12oz box of Rice Krispies
2 10oz bags of Mini Marshmallows
2 tbsp Vanilla Extract
6 tbsp Butter
2 tbsp Matcha Powder

1. Get out your biggest wok or pot! You want the most roomy one in case you spill krispies all over the place. Set your heat to MEDIUM.

2. Melt 3tbsp of butter & add 10oz of mini marshmallows. Start stirring! Use a rubber spatula :)

3. Once you get a little melting action add 1tbsp of vanilla extract. Mix until you don't see any more marshmallow lumps.

4. Keep on stirring! Don't stop! Now turn off your heat & add 1tbsp matcha powder. Feel free to sift this in but I wasn't that concerned.

5. Add 6oz of rice krispies & stir until it is all evenly mixed. Get out a nice pan & spray with coconut oil or butter it up. Dump it all in & flatten!

6. Let it cool & flatten it out more if you'd like. Don't forget to eat that goodness off the spatula :)

7. Cut up into squares & sprinkle more matcha powder + powdered sugar on top (if you want to be extra). Enjoy & try not to give away all of them!

Make the next batch now or wait a day or two! I promise you'll be running out of treats sooner than later.

I know.. it's almost too easy I shouldn't have even had to post a recipe.. BUT I really hope you make some because of how easy it is! My little sister & her friend both think they taste like Green Tea Kit Kats- but I think they taste like green tea rice krispie treats!

Hope you all have a magical Thanksgiving & Christmas! Maybe I'll be able to post another blog before then but maybe not! There's so much to do for this pop-up & I am just casually freaking out but extremely excited to share my goods to the world. Love you! 

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