Saturday, November 21, 2015


P O R K  B E L L Y

Words? NONE.

I don't know about you but pork belly to me is the epitome of naughty, sexy, food porn. Chills, mad fucking chills. The fatty layers that you know you shouldn't be eating but inhale anyways. Heart attacks? Who cares. Eat more pork belly!

Growing up a little Laotian girl I would always snack on "kiep moo" which are pork cracklings also known as pork rinds. When I discovered "chicharrones" in Spanish cuisine I knew my days were numbered. I could never be a vegetarian. I did try in high school & skipped class one day to get breakfast & whoops! There was bacon.

This recipe is the simplest way to get the ultra crunchy, crispy skin on the pork belly that makes it so goddamn irresistable. Sorry not sorry! Go get fat, winter is coming.

1lb Pork belly
1 Scallion
1 nub of ginger
1 tbsp Chinese five spice
1 tbsp Sugar
1 tbsp Soy sauce

1. Rinse off your pork belly & put in a pot of water. 
2. Add scallions & smashed ginger. Bring to a rumbling boil.

3. Strain off scum *these are meat yuckies!* & after ~14 minutes drain the water & rinse with cold water to clean off the pork belly.

4. Season with all the Chinese five spice, sugar & soy sauce. 
5. With a few toothpicks prick as many deep little holes into the skin. 

6. Heat that oven up to 475ºF & using tinfoil wrap up the sides of the pork belly exposing only the skin side up. Crack some salt on the skin! We want CRISPY & SAVORY!!
7. After 30 minutes it should look a little like this..

8. Time to broil now- HIGH is fine but just the center rack will do. We don't want to burn anything [; Another 4-8 minutes. Watch this entire mesmerizing-as-shit- show while sitting on the kitchen floor!
9. Take out that glorious piece of meat & be ready to cut in! How holy! How godly!

Simple!? Truly, it's unreal. Get yourself some freshly cooked white rice, cilantro & a squirt of soy sauce/ hoisin sauce/ sriracha. BOOM TOWN, USA.

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