Tuesday, July 15, 2014


my spam & eggs..recipe below!

Current obsessions: nude lipsticks, ripped tees, this song, talenti gelato, salt water taffy, & last but not least..SEXY LOOKING EGGS.  

The drippy, runny, oh-so-gooey, bright-as-the-sun yolk does it for me.  I know not everybody agrees with me on this.. but this is my blog so ha!  I am going to gush about my love for a barely cooked egg as much as I want :D

ohhhh baby..

Eggs are one of those ingredients that can transform into countless different types of noms all depending on your style & mood of cooking.  There's the basic boiled, fried, or poached egg.  From there we go into salads, omelettes, frittatas, quiches, devil & tea eggs- oh the possibilities!

slap an egg on a burger, ah.. yeah!

I remember watching Mind of a Chef religiously & there was this one entire episode where David Chang played around with eggs.  Chang puffed the eggs into balloons & garnished with BACON DASHI; he poached freshly whisked yolks into a whirlpool of water; he even perfectly plated the ko egg made famous in his new york restaurant momofuku.. mmmm *i still daydream of my two experiences there*

ko egg.. err my heart cracking

Similar to rice or potatoes, eggs are found in most cultural foods.  I made this super simple breakfast of spam (hehehe), a carefully fried egg & white rice.  I thought it was just an asian thing but my boyfriend's mum who is Puerto Rican totally went nuts!  Comfort food on all levels & in all areas- I love it.  Here's my little (unnecessary) recipe!

1 Organic Egg
1 Cup freshly steamed jasmine rice
1/2 Cup diced & fried SPAM! (optional)
Soy sauce or sea salt
Togarashi, crushed pepper flakes or just cracked pepper

  1. Heat up a skillet to medium high heat with a little vegetable oil.
  2. Crack the egg and bask in the excitement!  Mmmm..
  3. After a minute or two of frying I add a few drops of water & cover to cook the top part of the egg.  The cardiac-style is adding more oil & basting the egg- I do whatever I feel like.
  4. This should only take about 3 minutes max!  Any more time & you will severely risk the result of an overcooked egg, ughh..yuck.
  5. Scoop freshly steamed jasmine rice into your bowl & top with your SPAM, beautiful baby eggie poo, & add some dimension with all your peppers & flakes! 

That's all yolks! 

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