Friday, August 8, 2014

S I R  L O N G  T A N G

Oooo!  My first product review ^____^  Here we have Nongshim's newest ramen baby.  They're known for their Korean instant know like the SHIN CUP!! <3 <3 <3   I am, by the way.. majorly obsessed with Shin Cup.. like I'd probably tattoo a Shin Cup on my thigh.  

Well, this particular tubby, asian commodity, Sir Long Tang (sounds like a prince in the next Mulan movie..a girl can dream!) is a take on the Korean oxtail soup, seolleongtang.  By slowly simmering the bones you really get that marrow goodness & deep, milky meaty flavor.. think korean pho! 

Without a breakfast this morning I am so glad I picked this up last week.  I believe it was just under $2?  Not bad at all.  The stumpy size is surprisingly the same as a Shin Cup!  So much to live up to, Sir Long Tang..

I opted to pour boiling water & wait out the 3 grueling minutes.  The flavor packet had an off-white powder with dehydrated scallions & garlic...which when revived are sooooo good :]  The noodles are similar to all the others, flat & chewy.  THE BROTH DOE.. ohhhh that first sip!!  There were fireworks!  Super freaking flavorful!  My mouth was instantly coated & in umami heaven. 

Check out the oil bubbles!!  A well rounded broth will have these babes all bubbling together..mmmm.  Comfort food to the max.

Nutritionally speaking..this was SODIYUMMY!  I compared the facts with a Shin Cup & they are pretty much identical aside from the sodium content.  We all know instant ramen isn't the healthiest..but do we care?  I don't think so ;D

Rating?  I loved it!  I'm most definitely giving this a 5 out of 5.  You should probably pick one up when you can.  Unfortunately for those living in Massachusetts with me our beloved Market Basket is undergoing some hefty drama.  I'm sure you can find it at any asian market & it's for sure at H-Mart but I believe it's way pricier.

No regrets!  Oh & hey, am I the only one that finishes all the broth??  >.< 

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  1. I've been craving ramen all day and after reading, I'm drooling. Def giving this instant version a try!!! Thankssssss <3 <3 <3