Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Have you ever eatten a raw, freshly ripened fig?  OH.. MY HEAVENS.  There is a reason why figs are called the 'fruit of the gods' & quite frankly they are most scrumptious!  

This morning I had these little sweet creatures just the way they were.  No prosciutto.  No goat cheese.  No fancy schmancy honey.  Nothing!  I love the natural flavor that shines through!  I definitely am a fan which surprised me because I absolutely freaking haaaaaaaate FIG NEWTONS!!  Hello, isn't that a just a sweet treat for old people that can't really chomp on like crunchy, chocolate chip cookies? :D

Aside from being most aesthetically pleasing to the eyes- with all the vivid colors from the skin & seeds - these little fruits are actually quite good for you too!

Here are some of the key points on the health benniez of figs:
  • good source of potassium!  bye bananazzzz
  • excellent source of calcium, too
  • fiber rich & almost helps you lose weight ;)
  • full of antioxidants for optimum health & wellness

Dried figs which are very popular in stores (since the peak season for fresh figs are just during the summer) can be found year round .  They are sweeter & actually have a ton of perks to them as well but I really enjoyed having these little guys fresh.  There are countless recipes I've seen- fig butter/ jam/ compote, fig smoothies, figs on pizza, figs in cake!  Absolutely endless.  
So, since there are so many farmer's markets around town (hopefully near you as well) I highly recommend going out there & picking up a few of these delightful fruits!  

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