Monday, August 4, 2014

G R E E K   D I P

GREEEEECE!! I WANT TO BE IN YOU!! of my tippity top travel destinations!!  Aside from the fact that the pictures of the all the islands are absurdly charming & alluring & captivating & enticing & desireable as come on all the bright white design & blinding blue ocean!!  Seriously though.. it's the foooood.  Goodness, my belly & I cannot wait.  

Well, in about 25 days my boyfriend Todd & I will be boarding a plane to seek grand adventures in the land called EUROPE!  I seriously cannot wait.  The consistent urge/need of being out & about all over this globe has been raging harder than ever- tweenty fiiiiive dayyzzzzz!  We will be exploring Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium & France all in a total of 2 weeks!  

I know I know.. so why isn't Greece in that list of countries right?!!  Honestly, I don't have the slightest inkling.  Hopefully I can spend 2 weeks just in Greece when I go!  (Hmm.. I'm looking at 2015 hehehe)  Plus, Spain & Italy are totally  on that bottom half of the continent ;D  Mmmhm, with all that good food.   Helloooooo!! 

The dip!  The dip!  I recently attended a surprise birthday.  Though most parties never really say BYOB anymore.. I was always taught to bring something!  Never go somewhere empty handed.  As you can see, my hands were quite full ^________^

isn't my girlfriend Vicky in the pink ze cutest?!!!

I loved the idea of having something easy to make & serve.  Besides, hummus is the coolest kid on the block right now.  I'm sooooo healthy! ;D  Instead of the traditional Mexican dip (that is in my pint-sized opinion plaaaayed out).. I thought this mediterranean styled dip would be way more of a hit..pshhh & it totes was, obvi!  Oh & did I mention it's wicked easy!?

2 16oz tubs of hummus!  Any flavor..I did OG 
Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil- DO NOT SKIMP!! 
1 Cucumber- diced
1 Package of cherry tomatoes- diced
1 Red onion- diced!  
1 Can of black olives- sliiiiiiced! (you were thinking diced, I know it!)
1 Container of crumbled FETA CHEESE <3
Chopped scallions & Parsley for garnish

  1. Prepare your fresh veggies!  Dice, chop, & set aside for just a quick second.
  2. Get a nice serving tray & drizzle that heaven sent EVOO all over the bottom.
  3. Spread the hummus evenly for the first layer of creamy goodness.  (I actually had Vicky sexually stir in some scallions & red pepper flakes into the hummus!)
  4. Sprinkle your veggies in any random order you'd like..honestly, it's all about what YOU want.. sprinkle on, babies..
  5. Top with black olives!
  6. Top even more with feta!
  7. Top that all with scallions & parsley!  Oh my!
  8. Do one last generous dousing of the EVOO..for good measure! ;)

Wasn't that the easiest??  Grab a couple bags of pita chips & head on out :D  People are going to love you & think you eat this healthy all the time, bahaha! #n00bz   Next week I'll probably fry everything in my pantry..

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