Friday, February 5, 2016

N O N G S H I M  U D O N
B O W L  R E V I E W
(+ chicago eats)

Today a freak blizzard ripped & roared through northern New England with absolutely NO FUCKS given! Driving home though was seriously magical! It's wild how serene & gorgeous it looks after the snowfall.

Anyway! I must admit how bad I've been at keeping this blog up to date. I'm the worst I know.. I've been really busy, sorta. Recently, I took a trip out to Chicago to visit my charming cousin Angela & we seriously ate like (truffle) pigs. We shamelessly inhaled:


You can bet your goddamn bottom dollar I came home & could not fit into ANY of my pants!! I feel like a cow... yes, still.. even after 2 weeks!! What an unforgettable trip with her & my fur-nephew Pierre :]

Aside from the trip I haven't cooked up anything too blog-worthy lately.. Or if I did I'm too hangry so I don't take pictures! I promise I'll post something soon though (I have an idea already!) 

Okay! So, this post not only is covering what I ate in Chicago but a review of this Nongshim Udon Noodle Bowl! I've reviewed another product of theirs in the past-- check it out >> here <<.

First off, I bought this big, bad, bowl at my local Market Basket for around ~$4. Not bad, but I could also buy 4 of my favorite Shin Cups with that! The bowl itself is huge. Serving size said 2 (but I ate this almost entirely in just one sitting) & the sodium content is so bad I won't dare post it! 

The udon noodles themselves were really nice! I was surprised how well they kept together being an off the shelf & not refridgerated product. The directions said to add hot water to the noodles & then drain. The lid had these preforations which was pretty neat! After that add more hot water & the broth base + dehydrated veggies (which has seaweed, tempura flakes, fish cakes & other oddities). 

Flavor wise- not bad! There was a weird flavor that lingered on my tongue though. This isn't a spicy soup so I was kind of itching to grab the Sriracha bottle but refrained. This certainly is a nice, quick emergency lunch (I stock up on instant noodz for this reason) & I enjoyed the whole "being-in-a-bowl" aspect to it.

Would I buy it again? Probably not. There was just so much & the fact that it wasn't a spicy broth made me feel pretty MEH about it.. Shin Cup ALL THE WAY.

Nongshim Udon Bowl

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